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Key Trends in Alternative Investments (June 2023 Insights)

The recently released 2023 Research Advisor Trends in Private Markets, published by Blackstone, has a number of interesting insights that stood out regarding alternative investment allocations, including private real estate.

Given the historically poor performance of the 60/40 portfolio in 2022, investors should take note of these trends when determining if any adjustments are needed to their current portfolio.

Key Trend #1 - More Advisors Are Making Larger Client Allocations to Alternatives

Key Trend #2 - Advisors Allocate to Multiple Asset Classes Within Alternative Investments

Key Trend #3 - Private Asset Classes to Which Advisors Raised Allocations

Key Trend #4 - Top Reasons for Higher Allocations

Key Trend #5 - Traits Advisors Want in an Alternatives Sponsor/Operator


These findings align with our experience in private real estate investments, and we expect the interest surrounding the role of private alternatives in portfolios to increase as investors seek to avoid the volatility of public markets and search for opportunities to diversify their holdings.

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