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Macro Trends Driving Continued Investment in Real Estate Syndications (November 2022 Insights)

Concerns of a potential recession continue to dominate the news cycle. This leaves investors wondering which investments are safer during an inflationary environment.

Our view is that private, multifamily real estate syndications have a unique set of characteristics that make them a strong inflation hedge in addition to benefiting from larger macro trends in the U.S. economy.

Macro Trend #1 - Millennial Homeownership Rates Significantly Lag Older Generations

Why it matters: The demand for multi-family housing is very strong as 26-41 year-olds, in their prime earning years, are much more likely than previous generations to rent an apartment rather than buy a house.

Macro Trend #2 - US Home Affordability Continues to Worsen

Why it matters: For people looking to own a home, it is becoming increasingly more expensive compared to renting.

Macro Trend #3 - Public REITs Are Not Providing Diversification to Investors

Why it matters: Many investors believe they can get exposure to real estate by investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Unfortunately, REITs are highly correlated with the public stock market so investors do not get the benefit of diversification. In contrast, private real estate, such as syndications, or real estate crowdfunding platforms such as Fundrise, are not strongly correlated with the public markets.

Macro Trend #4 - Individual Investors Have a Smaller Percentage of Assets in Alternatives Than Institutional Investors

Why it matters: Large institutional investors focus heavily on alternative investments (such as private real estate), to add diversification and income to their portfolios. Individual investors should continue to increase their allocations to alternatives over the coming years.

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