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Migration Trends and Why They Matter to Multifamily Investors (October 2023 Insights)

Real estate investing, particularly in multifamily apartments, has always been about location, location, location. As the world undergoes rapid changes, one crucial factor that has gained increasing importance is migration patterns, as they can significantly impact the success of these investments.

Let’s dive into why this is the case:

  • Supply-Demand Dynamics: Migration affects demand for apartments. Influxes boost demand, while outmigration reduces it. Investors should target areas with rising demand for better returns.

  • Rental Market Stability: Stable rental markets are essential. Areas attracting newcomers often offer stability and robust demand, making them attractive investment destinations.

  • Economic Growth and Jobs: Migration often follows economic growth and job opportunities. Areas with expanding economies attract more residents, leading to increased housing demand.

  • Long-Term Strategy: Investors with a long-term perspective can benefit from migration trends. Identifying areas likely to appreciate over time can yield substantial returns.

  • Risk Mitigation: Diversifying investments across diverse markets can reduce risk. Positive migration trends in some areas can offset potential losses in others.

  • Property Type and Amenities: Migration influences property preferences. Tailoring properties to migrating populations' needs can optimize rental income and occupancy rates.

In looking at current migration trends, the following visualization outlines some of the biggest winners and losers:

The winners in the chart above are locations that we focus heavily on with the goal of consistently providing high-quality, alternative real estate opportunities, with experienced operators to our Investment Club.

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