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7 Critical Insights from CBRE’s 2024 U.S. Investor Intentions Survey (February 2024 Insights)

CBRE recently published its 2024 U.S. Investor Intentions Survey, which includes data from 134 respondents, who have significant assets under management, and span a wide range of investor types:

Below are the 7 most critical insights from the survey:

Key Insight #1 – Investors biggest concerns in 2024 are higher-for-longer rates, tight credit conditions, and differing buyer and seller expectations

Key Insight #2 – More than half of investors plan to buy more in 2024 than in 2023

Key Insight #3 – Price adjustments, distressed opportunities, and improved expected total return are the main reasons investors are looking to increase their real estate allocation

Key Insight #4 – Opportunistic, Core-plus, and Value-add are the most preferred strategies

Key Insight #5 – Multifamily and Industrial are the most preferred sectors

Key Insight #6 – Amongst alternative real estate categories, debt and build-to-rent are the most attractive to investors

Key Insight #7 – Investors continue to prefer Sun Belt and high-performing secondary markets


Despite concerns about rising rates and shifting market dynamics, investor sentiment for real estate in 2024 remains robust. Over half plan to increase their allocation, driven by expectations of price adjustments, distressed opportunities, and improved returns. Core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic strategies targeting Multifamily and Industrial sectors, particularly in the Sun Belt and strong secondary markets, hold the most appeal. 

For investors, understanding these key preferences and drivers is crucial to navigating the complexities of the current market and capitalizing on the opportunities it presents.

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